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Salon started with a penny and a prayer


Many women in Los Angeles know Julia Jones as the undisputed “hair-weave queen” because she founded Julia’s Hair Weev Salon in Los Angeles, California “with a penny and a prayer,” and developed a unique style of hair care more than 40 years ago.

It was not easy starting from nothing, Jones says. “At the time, I decided that I didn’t want to keep this new weave technology to myself. God blessed me to share and, from the moment I shared, he blessed me to teach the undetectable hair weave technique to many weave technicians in and around Los Angeles, throughout the United States and abroad.” As a result, many stylists and cosmetologists, both in Los Angeles and throughout the country and beyond, have established thriving salons.

Jones says, the hair weave business has continued to develop over the years. It is not just a trend or treatment whose time has come and gone. And during the last 30 years, Jones says her mission has gone beyond simply providing a beautiful hair weave. “My goal has always been to enhance the total beauty of each and every client from head to toe, so that they feel only the best about themselves.”

This is why she has always kept her salon stylists and other staff members focused on being brilliant at the basics of total beauty care. “Everyone is beautiful and our job, as skilled beauty professionals, is to highlight and showcase the unique beauty that is within each and every client so they can maximize their beauty potential and self-esteem.”

Although her initial core service, “the hair weave,” was focused on servicing weaves of all types, the hair care veteran learned early in her career that total beauty care would be the key to success.

Always known for innovation, today Julia’s Hair Weev Salon incorporates the use of wholesome, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly products. This helps staff and clients alike practice a more healthful path to beauty. Julia says, “We found healthier approaches that are more effective than using the traditional types of beauty care products and, as a result, even our own staff is happier and healthier. We are all about wholesome, healthy beauty.”

Among the highlights of her career, says Jones was having the opportunity in the 1980s to serve many celebrities and dignitaries, including famous recording artists Diana Ross, Tina Turner and Chaka Khan.

In addition to continuing its distinctive approach to beauty, the salon has been completely remodeled, offering contemporary yet comfortable surroundings complete with spa offerings such as manicures/pedicures, aesthetics and massages.

While Julia remains involved in the business, she has ceded her legacy to the next generation of the family. Daughter and son, Bettie and Tommy, believe that their mother’s strength of purpose and approach to beauty will continue to resonate with clients who are looking for the restablishment that can handle all their beauty needs.

Whether it is hair, body, skin or nails, this 21st-century salon is poised to be the place to go in Los Angeles for total beauty care, says the Jones family.