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Los Angeles County child care providers information posted online


LOS ANGELES, Calif.–The personal information of about 2,200 Los Angeles County child care providers was inadvertently

County officials learned Thursday that information from a child care provider report had been made accessible online through a link on the Google search engine, according to Linda A. Estrada of the county’s Internal Services Department.

The problem occurred when a county employee put four files with the information on a web server that was thought to be available only internally, Estrada said.

The information contained four files–three Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and one Microsoft Word document with information as such as names, addresses and Social Security numbers.

Estrada said the county quickly discontinued use of the web server and contacted Google. On Sunday, Google confirmed that the link had been removed from its search engine.

The county agency also ensured the link was not available on other search engines.

Estrada said the Internal Services Department will notify people whose names and information were made publicly available and will also investigate ways to improve the process so sensitive files are protected.