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Straight from my heart


For this week’s Ultimate Transformation Moment, I just want to speak to the community from my heart.

Today can be the day when we truly find our individual purposes. Michael Richardson is a great example to us. Richardson is the father of Mitrice Richardson (whose remains were found in a remote ravine in the Santa Monica mountains after she went missing for approximately 15 months). He is following through and staying on point with his purpose, which is making sure he finds the truth regarding the disappearance and unexplained death of his daughter. And he is galvanizing the community.

What we have to do today is look at each other and understand that we have more things in common than we have that are different. Some of the main things we have in common are: The need to take care of our families, the desire to live in a safe community, wanting the best education for our children, and looking for opportunities to provide.

These are just some of the things we all want for ourselves. The purpose we determine individually, we determine. No one determines it for us. It doesn’t get written in the sky and then you say, “Oh. I’m supposed to be a doctor.”

No. We determine what our purpose is through what we feel in our heart. Then, when we start moving forward in pursuit of our own individual goals, we start to recognize the positive energy that is generated by others, who are pursuing their own purpose. It is then that we are able to connect with the positive energy of those around us, and together we are all elevated.

That means our communities get better. Our families get better. We get better, because positive energy can only bring about positive results. This time right now is one in which we can start defining what we want in our communities. But let’s not give in to anything less than what we want.
But for that to happen, we as individuals must move. We’ve got to act from our own personal place, so the standard that we set in ourselves through our purpose, will generate the positive energy that radiates internally as well as externally, and that directly affects our family. Then the energy that radiates from our family will shine brightly in and around our community.

When we come together as a group, we have an energy that is unstoppable. We’re unstoppable. As people of color, we all have our stories where we’ve had to overcome incredible tragedies, and we’re still here today. We’re standing. But let’s not just stand. Let’s move forward.

Let’s move forward with an idea about ourselves that we deserve the best, and abundance is for us and love is for us, and we can have harmony and peace in our community.

That’s our Ultimate Transformations Moment. Peace and be more.

Erich Nall is the owner and founder of Ultimate Transformations Training in Los Angeles, Calif. The certified trainer, nutritionist, motivational speaker, and dedicated life coach is a regular guest and commentator on KJLH 102.3 FM’s the “Front Page” with Dominique DiPrima. As founder of Collegiate Search Youth Organization, Erich has been assisting youth in the community for over 20 years.