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Rancho Vista Elementary raises money for Haiti


The amount of money donated is not the issue; what is more important is that it helps solve a major problem.

That was the attitude of the students at Palmdale’s Rancho Vista Elementary School. They recently contributed $1,100 for relief efforts in Haiti, which continues to recover from January’s massive earthquake. The quake killed more than 230,000 people, injured 300,000 more, and left one million homeless.

Bonnie Holland-Stidfole, the student council adviser at Rancho Vista, said she and student body president Kyle Cetti came up with the idea of getting their school involved in raising money to help the people of Haiti and said Cetti came up with “Coins for Haiti.” This involved putting jars in every classroom and asking students and parents to donate their spare change.

“Kyle and I are very proud of how much our school was able to raise for this fundraiser,” Holland-Stidfole said. “Kyle told me, ‘I am happy to be a part of helping the country of Haiti and hope to continue to do so.’

“Without the support of our students and their parents, we would not have been able to make this possible,” the teacher commented.

Cetti and Holland-Stidfole presented a $1,100 check to John Porter and Carol Evans, officials with the Antelope Valley chapter of the Red Cross.