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Bob Johnson mourned


Veteran Los Angeles businessman Bob Johnson was killed in a highway accident this weekend in Las Vegas. He was 60 years old.

According to Las Vegas Police, Johnson, who owns a home in Las Vegas, was riding a 2008 Thoroughbred Trike south on Maryland Parkway at Twaine Avenue, when he was hit from behind and tossed off his bike by the driver of a 1998 Nissan Maxima.

The driver, Modest Lopez-Hernandez, allegedly then ran over Johnson again. The victim was taken to Sunrise Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Lopez-Hernandez was arrested and charged with felony driving under the influence.

Johnson, who owned 10 McDonald’s stores in the Los Angeles area, had been a franchisee with the corporation for more than 25 years. He developed an interest in the franchise as the result of a cousin who was in the same business.

Prior to purchasing his first McDonald’s franchise, Johnson, who was born in Decatur, Mississippi, and graduated from C.H. Boler Elementary and High School, owned a refrigeration, air conditioning and heating business.

Johnson arrived in Los Angeles after his discharge from the Air Force and attended community college where he obtained an associate of arts degree.

Outside of business, Johnson was at one time an avid skier and most recently play quite a bid of racquetball. But his passion was woodworking, and in particular construction. He enjoyed rebuilding homes from the ground up.

It was a hobby he and his brothers picked-up because of his mother.  “She tried all kinds of things including woodworking. We didn’t want her to do that so we learned,” explained brother Bill Johnson Jr.

Johnson is survived by his mother Louise, a sister Sammie Louise Everette, brothers Bill and Charlie Ray Johnson, as well as one son Bobby and two daughters Lisa and Taureana
Funeral services will be held August 6 at West Angeles Church of God In Christ.