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Denial of Kemet being Black


One of the greatest debates in academia is whether the ancient Kamites (Egyptians) were indigenous Black Afrikans. However, that argument is also strong among computer people who frequent the popular video site YouTube. We revisit this topic because in the era of change, nothing has changed.

On several sites there are videos and discussions that remind us that there is a lot of hatred and denial towards Afrikans being the people who not only were the original inhabitants of Kemet (Egypt), but also built the pyramids and so forth.

YouTube comments are quite interesting and prove there is a lot of work remaining in providing unequivocal proof to the public. But then again, no matter how much proof is supplied, some will never accept the fact that the original Kamites (Egyptians) were indigenous Afrikans.

One of the interesting, and funny comments about the Kamites not being Black comes from a person of European descent, who obviously has a sense of humor. “This is to acknowledge to all my proud Caucasian brothers who many generations ago constructed a mighty empire in Egypt.
Our powerful accomplishments continue to advance leaving other peoples that try to follow us in awe at our superior intellects. May it always be so. To the descendants of Africans in the USA, please permit me to avail myself of the opportunity to encourage you in your important endeavors – good work on your basketball abilities and rap skills – also important contributions- NOT!”

Another Caucasian was a little more caustic in his remarks. “Stop trying to claim our identity and history you low down no good lying ass caved beast. Y’all claim everybody else’s s… because your whole existence all you ever did was rob, kill, steal, and claim people’s land and s… for your own.”

The next comment definitely reflects some confusion as to who the Kamites were. “The guy on the left is quite brown – if he was in the Egyptian sun all day he would be even browner (I myself, as a half Irish, half Germanic individual am fairly tanned). Put a crown on that man’s head and he looks a lot more like an Egyptian Pharaoh than a Negro!” I guess what he calls a Negro could not be Egyptian.

The next comment is from someone truly disturbed about the subject. “You Black fascists are so funny. You think you are Egyptian pharaohs. You are just racist uneducated people.”

The next individual wants to give Kamite credit to the Sumerians (in Mesopotamia; Iraq/Iran), which has always and still remains a constant discussion. “You are right. They weren’t Black. Ancient Sumerians were Black. Read Zecharia Sitchins Twelfth Planet. Contrary to popular belief, Egyptians did not even know how to build pyramids. Sumerians left artifacts and their history in Egypt when they moved on to South America and other regions.”

The following individual attempts to take a more intellectual approach, providing what he considers credible source to prove that the ancient Kamites could not be indigenous Black Afrikans, but were mixed, like the present day Arabs. “The results of the study were published in a lavishly illustrated work, which was edited by L. Balout, C. Roubet and C. Desroches-Noblecourt, and was titled La Momie de Ramses II: Contribution Scientifique à l’Égyptologie (1985). Egypt was a mixed country as it is today, end of story.”

The last comment reflects one of the categories of evidence Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop, Kemetologist and multi-scientist, used to prove the ancient Kamites were indigenous Black Afrikans. “In 1997, the German Institute for Archaeology headed an excavation of the tombs of the nobles in Thebes -West, Upper Egypt. Archaeological findings suggest that the mummies dated from the New Kingdom. The basal epithelial cells were PACKED WITH MELANIN, as expected for specimens of NEGROID origin.”

There is no telling how long this argument will last, even in the face of the most convincing evidence. Scientific proof is not enough to erase centuries of racism/White supremacy. We just have to move forward in what we know and not waste time on those who want to stay stuck in the mud of ignorance.

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