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Homeless advocate


Agnes Stevens, founder of School on Wheels, has been nominated for the World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child (WCPRC).

This is the world’s largest education initiatives on democracy and children’s rights, and empowers children and young people all over the world to make their voices heard.

Stevens, a Los Angeles resident who for 20 years has worked to help homeless children in the city gain a measure of stability, created School on Wheels in 1993. The organization provides one-on-one tutoring to homeless youth who live in shelters, motels, group homes and on the street. They also give assistance enrolling in school and help locate and file school records.

Steven’s works will be evaluated by an international panel consisting of children who are experts on the rights of the child through their own experiences as soldiers, refugees, street children or slaves.

They will select the eventual winner who will be awarded $140,000.

The award’s ceremony will be held April 14 in Sweden with the actual recipients of the prizes will be announced at noon on April 16. Sweden’s Queen Silvia will help the young people give out the awards.