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Torrance, CA – Every little bit helps when times are tough, and people who are looking for additional ways to economize and still purchase what they need, when they need or want it, might want to consider the whole world of resale shopping.

As a consumer, you can find items that range from high-end designer fashions available for up to 80% off retail, and if you want to cut down on your clothes bill, you can become a consigner yourself and sell your items to resale stores for cash or store credit.

When shopping resale, remember that there are a variety of stores in business. Some like Torrance-based Sweetwater Collection, feature only high-end, designer fashion while others will offer vintage clothing, and still others like the Buffalo Exchange and Aardvark’s Odd Art feature trendy items.

If you want to sell your clothing to one of these stores, do your homework, advises Darlene Grey, founder of Sweetwater Collection.

“You need to look at their clothes and match what you consider the store is selling. Find out the policies and procedures of the store in terms of what they buy, how the pay, when they pay, how long they will keep an item, etc.

“There are different terms for different stores. Most people don’t pay the day after an item is sold. Sometimes you have to wait two to three days; you have to let them go through their system,” Grey explained.

Evaluate what you intend to sell, added the Sweetwater owner. It should be in good condition, and in her case must be a fairly current style.

“I hand select everything. People come in my store and get creme de la creme (selection),” said Grey, who is taking her business to the next level at the end of this month by adding an online-store option to her Web site,

“I have always been in a global environment. Everything I did was global, and the way I think is global. Small retailers have to up the ante,” explained Grey about why she is adding the online store.

Sweetwater currently has clients from Canada, Norway as well as all over the United States, and Grey expects the online store to give her business international exposure on a 24/7 basis. She also projects that this new addition to her business will increase sales 30%.

“Small businesses have to be technology astute,” noted Grey, who uses computer programs and data analysis to track sales, customers and much more. Essentially, she uses technology to keep a close eye on what is happening in her business, and when the economy is tight that is  a win-win situation for the store and her clientele.